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Security Alarm Systems

Security Alarm System

Security alarm systems are used in both commercial and residential settings. A security alarm systems main purpose is to detect entry into a protected area and notify the authorities in the case of unauthorized entry. In a residential setting, often, a security alarm system will be the only security other than the locks on the doors and windows. A security alarm system is the last line of defense to deter would be criminals. In a commercial setting the security alarm system can keep a very large and complex area safe and secure. Just having a security alarm system is a great crime deterrent.


In a residential setting a security alarm system can monitor the open/close state of doors, windows, and any motion in the secured area. You can use this system to keep the family safe or just see if anyone is home yet by checking the alarm status remotely. You can even use the alarm when home by arming in stay mode. In a commercial setting the security alarm system may be used to keep restricted areas safe while the rest of the facility is in operation or to keep the perimeter safe while after hours.

Hardwired or Wireless

Security alarms systems can be installed with a physical wire, other wise known as hardwired, or it can be installed wirelessly with each device being powers by batteries. Hardwired alarm systems are more reliable and require less maintenance. Hardwired alarm systems are more labor intensive and sometimes not possible at all due to other factors. Wireless alarm systems are very flexible and use less labor to install. Wireless alarm systems do take more to maintain reliability and have a high upfront cost.


Security alarms systems use different sensors to detect different activities. Motion sensors detect the movement in an area using infrared light. Door and window sensors use a magnet and contact to detect when a door or window changes state from open to close. A beam detector works like a motion detector by emitting a beam of infrared light over long distances and detects when the beam is crossed. These components can be used on either a hardwired alarm system or a wireless alarm system.


A security alarm system is one of the most integrated systems you can have. Security alarm systems can be integrated with a fire alarm system and be disarmed automatically in the event of a fire to limit confusion. A security alarm system may be integrated with a camera system to capture an image when a doors changes state. It may also be integrated with an access control system in case a door is forced open the security alarm system can notify authorities. A security alarm system is one of the most valuable systems a home can have.