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Surveillance Systems

Surveillance Systems

Surveillance systems are used in residential home as well as commercial buildings and businesses. Surveillance systems are not only used for protecting property but can also be utilized to keep track of products and employee efficiency. Surveillance systems come in a variety of sizes. To accommodate the needs of our customers our trained technicians create a custom detailed system to meet all necessary requirements.


Residential homes use surveillance to protect their family and to keep an eye on the house when they are away. You can use the cameras to see if the kids are home or to check if the pets are safe. In a commercial application, cameras may be used to not only protect property but can be used to oversee products being moved or shipped and efficiency of production lines. Having a surveillance system in the business place can also greatly reduce theft and conflicts among employees as well as providing a safe work environment.

Analog or IP

Surveillance systems have two types, analog and IP (Internet Protocol). Analog systems are an older traditional style of surveillance.  These systems are still used in applications where video quality is not as important, and cost needs to be very low. IP systems are becoming the industry standard in surveillance technologies. These systems are the newest type of systems providing higher quality resolution and more flexibility in application. Both systems have the luxury of remote accessibility.


IP and Analog system have some components in common such as the recorder, cameras, microphones and wire, but each is made for the specific system type. Analog systems use DVR’s (Digital Video Recorder), CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) cameras, Analog microphones, and semis coaxial cable. IP systems use NVR’s (Network Video Recorder), IP cameras, digital microphones, and Category 5 cable. In addition, IP systems can utilize Wi-Fi to transmit video signals wirelessly and switches to reduce the amount of cable needed for the job.


All camera systems can be tied into other systems such as burglar alarms and home automation. We can even have a camera at you front door ring the doorbell. All our systems are installed with remote access. With remote access you can see your video feeds anywhere you have an internet connection on you smart phone, tablet or computer.